Assisted Living Memory Boxes

Memory Boxes designed for the assisted living environment.

We offer a broad selection of unique features and options that ensure you will find the right design for your décor and budget.  Our years of experiece in working with Architects, Interior Designers, Project Managers, and onsite Staff has given us a special insight to the issues relevant to your selection.  Please click on this blog link for a listing of topics and discussions that we provide as a resource guide.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance or a quote.

We offer 3 styles of Memory Boxes that all include your choice of:

  • Pin, Velcro, or magnetic attachment of items for display
  • Velcloth or Flannel back in multiple colors
  • Security hanging hardware



Style #1: Hinged Door Design

  • Door can be secured by keyed lock or magnetic catch
  • Locks can be keyed individually or alike
  • Nickel plated hinges and lock
  • Lock placement on side
  • Custom Colors – painted or stained
  • Wood or tempered glass shelves that are fixed or adjustable.


Style #2: Sliding Acrylic Pane Design

  • Hidden finger grip
  • Pane can be pinned in open position
  • Custom Colors – painted or stained
  • Wood or tempered glass shelves that are fixed or adjustable
Recessed in wall memory box for assisted living

Style #3: Recessed in Wall Design

  • Fixed or adjustable wood or tempered glass shelves
  • Keyed lock
  • Door is flush with Wall
  • Custom Colors - painted or stained
  • Cut Sheet Available
Recessed in wall memory box with hinged door

 To View Stain Color Options CLICK HERE

To View Velcloth, Matboard, & Felt Backings CLICK HERE


Please be aware that the locks provided are merely a deterrent and should not be used for the display of valuable items where safety is a concern.  Buyer is responsible for determining if the display is appropriate for the application.