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Yarborough Knife Box

Yarborough knifes are issued to only a select few who have earned the right to own one.   Ownership signifies an accomplishment acheived by the fortitude of mind and body.  Proudly display the Yarborough in a case designed specifically for it. 

This case features:

  • Vacuum formed ABS for a custom fit of the Yarborough, holding it securely in place.  The ABS is flocked with nylon fibers to give it a velvety feel and look.
  • Black Velcloth enabling easy attachment of velcro backed tabs.
  • Stained Alder or Oak with your choice of 11 stain colors
  • Magnetic catch
  • Sawtooth hangers

This product can be purchased on our retail site here: CustomFramingDesigns.com/Specialty-Boxes



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